Project and Program Managers

Who is a Project or Program Manager ?

The Project or Program Manager is the soul of the project. He is the one who is responsible for the successful achievement of the project's goals and objectives. It is his responsibility to make sure of on time delivery of the project. For every process and activity of the project, he is considered as responsible. There exist no industries which do not have the Project Managers. Project Managers are highly professional people with positive attitude and challenging aptitude.

A good Project Manager does not only manages the project but also leads the project; presenting himself as the leader. The leader leads his followers by presenting himself as the role model and idol. The qualities or the practices that a leader want his people to have in them, the leader first demonstrates those qualities himself. Same goes for the managers. The good manager leads his team by presenting himself as an example. He himself demonstrates all the skills and qualities that he wants his people to have and then expect them to do the same.

The responsibilities include the pre feasibility study of the project, feasibility study, than the origination of the project, the determination of the risk factors, their solution and controlling the project. Along with these, the most important responsibilities are planning and subsequent execution of the project. The planning of the project requires great efforts from the Project Managers. They plan each and every task and activity with great skills and professional expertise. After the planning, it's execution is another crucial phase. During this phase, the project enters into the practical phase. Keeping check of the execution and regular monitoring is the Project Manager's responsibility. He makes sure that everything is in order and according to the schedule and that the project is running smoothly.

Besides the main action plan, development of the contingency plan is also the responsibility of the Project Manager. Contingency planning is very important to cope with unforeseen events. This is very difficult, because the Project Manager needs to anticipate possible obstacles and weigh the chances of occurrence and predetermine the impact the event might have on the project. Experienced Project Managers do that very efficiently, because they have managed a lot of different projects in the past and have seen and maybe even experienced all sorts of things happening. Another important job which a Project Manager does, is the selection of his team. Selection of one wrong person or persons can ruin everything, without any warning.