Information around Project and Program Management
The following articles and thoughts will give you insight in to the prerequisites and challenges of successful large scale Project- and Program Management and Project Rescue.

These scripts are intended for you to get acquainted with some often not so directly verbalized truths and other information.

The Battle for Great Talent. Developing teams for tomorrow´s economy.
Who is a Project or Program Manager ?
Being hired as the PM Consultant.
Where a Business Consultant Can Save Your Organization.
Methodology. Agile vs. Waterfall.
Agile is NOT a Project Management Methodology!
Managing Agile Projects
De-Projectising IT Maintenance
We Learn from What We Screw Up.
A Quick Guide to Project Management Methodology.
The Background of an IT Project Manager.
Successful Project Management - Eight Simple Steps to Follow.
One of the Most Effective Project Management Tools.
The importance of WHY, before HOW and WHAT. Simon Sinek speaks at TED Las Vegas.
First WHY, then the Trust. Simon Sinek speaks at TED Maastricht.
Mumbai Dabbawala: Customer Service Excellence of Six Sigma Quality Without Technology
Motivate Your Project Team
Remove Barriers to Change
Avoid Communications Chaos
Value is in the eye of the stakeholder
Limits on How Fast We Have to Work: The Company's Space, So the Company's Pace?
How to Build A Solid Project Team
Running the maze of HR behavioral psychology
Midsized Companies Can't Afford Operational Glitches
Five Questions That Make Strategy Real
The career advice I wish I had at 25
The PMP - How it Ruined Project Management
How to end your presentation
How do you make tough calls in a new culture?