About Us
FJH Globalconsult was founded in response to the apparent need for professional Turnaround and Crisis Management of many projects in small, medium and large corporations.

The company has since attracted highly skilled and experienced individuals, who joined our team and now bring their collective force to bear to rescue projects and programmes of all sizes for our clients.

Each of our members has more than 20 years of background in successfully managing large international programmes, crisis resolution, turnaround management and risk assessment and avoidance. Typically, we all were once in line management positions in both large multinational corporations and smaller environments i.e. SME and start-ups.

Our results stand out due to focused solution orientation and high pragmatism.

As we are location independent, our Turnaround and Project Recovery Services are available throughout Europe and have just been extended to cover the Alpine Region, as well.

Some of our past project locations were in Sweden, UK, Germany, Switzerland, North America, Africa, Brazil and Argentina.