Our Services
Discovering all risks during ramp-up, assessing them properly and observing and revising these in due course of the project is not easy at best.

To get a crisis project back on track, it passes through 3 critical phases, in all of which our services support you.

Short Assessments, which take usually 5-7 days, give you a good and compressed overview about the status and risks of your project. The resulting recommendations give you directions on how to correct the course of action.

Assessments with in-depth analysis are aligned in their runtime to project size and scope. They analyse and evaluate existing and future risks, probability of occurrence and impact on the project. They show alternative scenarios combined with effective preventive and countermeasures. Additionally, they contain detailed statements about optimization potentials with regard to implementation, time frame, skills and communications, as well as, a comprehensive action plan with our recommendations.

Turnaround Management comprises the full takeover of project responsibility and control by FJH Globalconsult. The implementation of this status is based on our assessment and the action plan agreed with you. Here, we operate in a fully responsible position as Turnaround Managers. In accord with our agreements, we will lead the project to the target in time and budget. Objectively measurable results in the form of milestones and deliverables give you the necessary timely feedback about progress.

Project Monitoring and Coaching are services with which we support your project managers and members in tandem with their daily tasks. The need for development of individuals you already identified within our assessment. We support you methodically and empower your team to define and reach the next steps and milestones. Supporting measures are always in context of the specific project. The targets set are thus identical with our targets in the project. Typically, these services take place at 2-3 days per week.

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