Questions and Answers
What are the differences between regular and Turnaround-Projects ?

The phases of a standard project

The phases of a Turnaround-Project

Crisis-Projects in Turnaround Mode have their own laws and rules, which have very little in common with regular projects. This is, because of the existing situations, which brought the project to a halt and possibly even were responsible for triggering the crisis.

Standard planning, which is well and good for projects running smooth, qualifies only very limited or not at all for the rescue of projects in crisis.


Can I hand my Crisis-Project to any project manager for resolution ?

The short answer: No.

To make a Crisis-Project successful and complete it in an acceptable time and budget for the sponsor, skillsets and methods are required which can not be acquired by attending classes and obtaining certificates.

Our managers employ methodologies stemming from a very wide range of experience of diverse areas. With these, they successfully turned Crisis-Projects in the past. Some examples would be engagements as line managers in many environments, leading complex international programmes and projects, distinct leadership abilities, strong personality, charisma and independence.