Turnaround Management
Regardless of how well project professionals do their work, every capital project faces risks.

Project risks can be anything from technological to contractual to personal.

As the project moves from inception to operation, it is almost inevitable that it will experience difficulties that the owner didn't envision, the designer didn't calculate and the contractor didn't bid for. These difficulties often result from uncertainties that could have been, if not avoided, at least predicted.

Our Turnaround and Project Recovery Services are designed to assist clients with projects that are failing, to revitalise and deliver, or to resuscitate projects that have already failed and are under assessment for cancellation.

Projects may enter into a crisis in the course of the project work - i.e. events occur which endanger the success of the project. Rectification of such crisis situations presents a great challenge to staff, project management and company management as a whole. Involvement of third parties in such situations can often be a valuable option or addition when it comes to solving the problems.

In all cases we undertake with the client a Crisis and Recovery Assessment as to the current state of the project. The assessment is conducted at 3 levels:

  • Stakeholders and Board
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Project Teams and Vendors

The assessment report will determine and itemise in a frank and honest manner our findings, why the project is facing failure or has stopped, along with our recommendations and options to delivery.

Our solution focused approach may recommend restructuring the project, a change of management, re-negotiation with suppliers or vendors, re-design, re-budgeting, evaluation of skill sets or in the more extreme cases project closure.

At FJH Globalconsult we understand that providing constructive criticism and corrective action is not always the most popular course of action within any organisation. But by the time you have contacted us this is necessary, if your critical projects are to succeed.

Building good working relationships with your project teams is an essential part of our strategy to ensure a successful project outcome.

Our Turnaround Services can provide consultancy assistance to a level to hand back to the client for execution, or FJH Globalconsult can undertake full project management to firmly take the project to a successful conclusion.

Our Services

  • Preventive risk management
  • Analysis of the crisis situation within the project
  • Assessment of the causes and triggers for the crisis
  • Development of concepts for overcoming the crisis
  • Coaching of the project management team
  • Supervision and intermediary role during solving of the crisis
  • Full takeover of project management responsibilities

Benefits for you

  • Independent assessment of the crisis situation
  • Neutral supervision and mediation in order to solve problems

The Procedure

  • Establishing the current status of the crisis situation
  • Identification of the causes and triggers of a crisis
  • Planning of measures to overcome the crisis
  • Determining the position of the crisis manager
  • Supervision and mediation during decision making
  • Implementation of measures for overcoming the crisis

The Objective

  • Solving a crisis or risk situation and achievement of the project targets